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Brian Bogers Needs Second Operation 11 Days After Crash

Being selected to ride for the HRC Honda Team is the fulfillment of a dream for almost any motocross rider. Towards the end of the season, rumours flew thick and fast that HSF Logistics would enter into a co-operation with HRC Honda.

Brian Bogers Needs Second Operation 11 Days After Crash

After some speculation, it became clear that Brian Bogers would take his place in the MXGP team alongside double world champion Tim Gajser. That was fantastic news of course for the young rider from Eindhoven, who could theoretically still have ridden in the MX2 class in 2018. "I am extremely excited to move up to the MXGP class," he said at the time. "Joining hands with Honda at this level is not an opportunity everyone gets, and I will grab it with both hands. The MXGP class represents the top of the top. I am ready to move up and do battle with the top riders in the world. I think I will feel at home there."


The HRC Honda setup is supremely professional that leaves nothing to chance. The riders could already do the first metres on the new bikes during the EICMA show in Milan. "I tested with Honda for two weeks, and they are truly a top team. My first impressions of the bike are overwhelmingly good. I'm used to a 250, of course, and this 450 has enormous power, but in a manageable manner. It is not brute power that is unusable, and I look forward to taking this machine into battle. We've tested a number of things, but the most important for me initially is to get used to the bike and then work on the settings."



The 2018 world championship series will comprise 20 rounds. This entails a lot of travelling, and tests the riders' stamina and resolve to the max. "It is a great challenge to be at the top of your form for the whole season. It is not easy, but we are constantly working at it. I have adapted my training program to calculate in the move to the MXGP class, I have always trained hard, and I think my bigger build in fact suits the bigger MXGP bike better."

Brian had just completed a few weeks' worth of intensive training when things went badly wrong during the launch of the Honda CRF250R in Rome. He crashed heavily and sustained a serious foot injury. "The riding went well, and I wasn't taking any risks, but it went wrong on a relatively small jump. I immediately knew that this was serious due to the feeling in my foot. At that stage your mind dwells on everything, but you keep hoping that things will turn out well, which it unfortunately did not on this occasion.



At the hospital, it was diagnosed that the foot had been crushed, not the best news of course when you've just started out on such an exciting phase of your career. "The doctor in Italy said that my foot was a complete mess, with everything in the wrong place. We returned to the Netherlands and got a second opinion form Dr Toon Claes in Belgium. After a secondary MRI scan it was clear that my foot has not yet been properly set. I will need another operation this week, which will in all probability mean that we're looking at a longer recovery period. The positive news is that it seems that the injury will heal 100%. Fortunately i did not injure my ankle and heel. "

This is of course a massive disappointment for the Dutch rider, but everyone agrees that the most important matter right now is for him to heal up fully. It will only be clear after the second operation how long he will be out of action for.

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