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Bowers and Larranaga winners in Chemnitz on Saturday

Tyler Bowers and Iker Larranaga have won the second night of the ADAC Supercross Series in Chemnitz. Bowers dominated the main event in the SX1 class and took his second win of the weekend.

Bowers and Larranaga winners in Chemnitz on Saturday

Behind Bowers it was Harri Kullas who came home in second. In the closing stages he passed Boris Maillard and finished the race in second. Boris Maillard ended in third while Charles Lefrancois and Dominique Thury were rounding out the top five.


In the SX2 class it was Iker Larranaga who dominated the race and won in front of Paul Haberland and Lucas Impert. Watch the results of both classes below!


Main Event SX1:

1. Tyler Bowers (USA, KAW)
2. Harri Kullas (EST, KTM), +4.026
3. Borris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), +5.564
4. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), +7.562
5. Dominique Thury (GER, HUS), +9.517
6. Sullivan Jaulin (FRA, KTM), +23.786
7. Frederik Noren (SWE, SUZ), +27.007
8. Steve Mages (USA, YAM), +1 Rnd.
9. Matthew Bayliss (USA, HON), +1 Rnd.
10. Ludovic Macler (FRA, HON), +2 Rnd.
11. Khoun-Sith Vongsana (FRA, KAW), +2 Rnd.


Main Event SX2:

1. Ilker Larranaga (ESP, HUS)
2. Paul Haberland (GER, KTM), +14.924
3. Lucas Impert (FRA, KTM), +17.269
4. Adrien Malaval (FRA, HUS), +18.293
5. Nicolas Barcelo (FRA, KAW), +23.450
6. Julian Lebeau (FRA, KAW), +28.356
7. Dylan Walsh (NZL, HUS), +38.404
8. Nolan Cordens (BEL, KTM), +1 Rnd.
9. Nico Koch (GER, KTM), +1 Rnd.
10. Lorenzo Camporese (ITA, HON), +1 Rnd.
11. Florian Hellrigl (AUT, HUS), +1 Rnd.
12. Luca-Pepe Menger (GER, KAW), +1 Rnd.

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